Hi JoAnn,

Our Ursa is an epileptic Lab, with both grand and petite mall. Hers are worse during full-moon phases. She's on Keppra and a few natural treatments. She's been doing so well and has had no seizures (that we know of) for over 3 months. When Ursa was diagnosed with Idiopathic Epilepsy, she also went through many tests and even a brain MRI, with all results coming back perfectly fine. Then we started charting her seizures (dates, times, lengths) and noticed a pattern worse during full-moon phases. She doesn't have any episodes during activities. Along the years we've made changes to her diet and treats, and took off her neck collar and put her in a harness (nothing on at home, just when out and about). As the neuro vet told me, any restriction around the neck can pinch a nerve or blood flow and cause seizures in some dogs.

As for Jake, sorry to read that he also has seizures . Does he lose bowel or bladder control during his episodes? What type of food and treats does he eat? What's he weight at? How's his thyroid? How's his liver function?

Snowshoe is correct with the tick and flea meds. This happened to our friend's Lab, Sofie, who started seizing after these meds were administered.