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      Quote Originally Posted by Snowshoe View Post
      Patty, do you mean like a Volhard collar? That's what one of our, well my, first training classes endorsed and they supplied the collar. I've used it ever since and had a chain one made for Oban. At the time most training places would not take puppies younger than 6 months old and they did not like to see the Volhard used on puppies younger than that.
      The one I get at class is a nylon choke but without a snap on it. I start class at 6 months but have used my choke working with younger pups at home for obedience and show handling. If used properly and high up on the neck to prevent choking it will not do any damage.

      : Amazon.com: Coastal Pet Products DCP330218BLK Round Choke Collar for Dogs, 3/8 by 18-Inch, Black

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      If I could change anything that I did with my lab, it would be that I would have tried a training class that didn't use training collars to teach the dogs before using training collars on my dog. In retrospect, I don't think that we needed them. The trainer we chose would not work with a dog without them. We knew literally nothing about dog training then, and took her word for it. Now I'm pretty much starting over with his training because even though using training collars "worked", I didn't like my end result. I learned about Denise Fenzi from another member of this board, started following her blog, her facebook page, and bought her books... and I have pretty much jumped right in and haven't turned back. My dog's happier, I'm happier, and in a very short amount of time, things have turned around completely for us. I can't say how much I wish I had found this kind of guidance way back when.

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