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    Thread: Well!

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      Oct 2014
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      This has not been a great winter so much so that I was at the point of hanging up whistles and calling it a day. Well spring has reared its head like an exuberant puppy and the phone started ringing and the e-mails started coming. First a judging assignment , then a retriever training day for a Hunter and Angler group, people who want to begin playing the retriever game and then 3 friends that have puppies and one that lives far away and got a puppy and calls every other day because she is training alone. Yesterday there were a herd of people here with quite a mixed bag. We had tollers, a golden, a flatcoat, the usual batch of labs and a Weim plus two12 week old puppies. Happy to say by the time the day was over all of the new comers had their dogs picking up. I noticed one gentleman sort of hanging back so I went over to speak to him and tell him to get his dog out. It turned out that he had a Pudlepointer and was simply waiting for a friend to come so they could train on some chukurs. When the group was finished we let the dogs have a play time so I invited him to let his dog join. He said he wasn't sure how she would react as she had been attacked by another dog but got her out on leash let her watch and then let her go. She had a great time and he was so happy. He does a lot of training alone and socialization is hard. I told him he was welcome to come at any time as we always have some group here training.

      Today I had M out and we reviewed the W drill. She has not lost anything over the winter as far as get up and go even if I have. Guess the whistles are good for another year. Hubby even said I could have a pup next year. Will have to start planning.

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      Apr 2017
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      Yep spring has sprung here in MN too. Now just finding the time to get out and train hard to do with 4 jobs but we will be out there hopefully this Sunday.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Anna Scott View Post
      Hubby even said I could have a pup next year. Will have to start planning.
      Yipee!!! That is certainly something to look forward to.

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      Woo hoo, a puppy!!!!
      boy, i wish i lived closer. I'm ever so thankful for all the help i've gotten over the last 2 years, but am hesitant about asking for extra, and really want to do right by the little Squirt, he's got boatloads of potential. And once a week, well, it doesn't always cover everything you're wondering about.
      1st i was nervous about having a puppy, period. now, its training the puppy "properly". he's doing well in his family dog-general class, and doing well in his competition puppy class, and seems to have a natural drive for the field work, but we're not getting as much in as i suspect i should be doing with him. he is getting a head start with water, he gets to go swimming every week with his sister, and absolutely loves it! getting more and more horizontal each week.
      I'm hoping that this was winter;s last blast, and we can get thru mud season relatively quickly, and on to more fun with the boys.
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      The best foundation for solid field work is obedience. After that it's obedience. And with a fully rounded out Master Hunter... it's obedience.

      You're not just working on general, family obedience. You're setting the foundation for a solid working retriever. (I now realize 3 years later, that I should have done much, much more obedience around the house from the get-go.)

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