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      That Hunt Test I Didn't Attend...

      I think of all the dogs in our training group, only one Senior dog (out of 2) passed and no Master dog (out of 4 or 5) did. But apparently the weather was gorgeous and I took a terrible ribbing for being a wuss and not wanting to drive over the pass.


      While the group was away... Rocket Dog and I just did drills in the park.

      -4-8-17-jpg The one in black I took from Carol Cassidy's book. The one in red is from Dennis Voigt and Bill Hillmann. It went really well. However, she has a bad habit of being frustrated and whining if I want to correct her line and don't let her go right away. So we worked on being quiet also.

      It appears that the Master set-up was on a field that had large humps and lumps in it. Most of our dogs (I'm told) ended up behind a hillock and out of sight and then in big trouble. So this is what they set up to work on when we went out training today.
      I was really pleased that RD allowed me to pull her off the duck she saw go down and line her up for the blind when we did the left hand bird. She took a line wide right on the right hand bird... which is good. She showed she knew not to return to the fall. So, a couple of whistles and she was on the first blind. She lined up beautifully for the next blind. The pro told us to challenge the line... so I thought she was too far to the right and I stopped her and gave her a left back... and she ducked behind the holding blind and I failed to correct her. So I got ahem... corrected... by the pro. I lost a good opportunity there.

      So bottom line... once again, the dog is doing better than I am!
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