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    Thread: M got a treat

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      M got a treat

      Today's plan was to run some tune up water blinds but before we started another friend came with his pudelpointer to do some work. He doesn't often get to work his dog with another dog so he was happy to have M join them. He wanted to do some warm up obedience work so M got to do the quartering while his dog did walking honours and obedience work. Once this part of his training was over he went off to do some more work on steadying her point and we went off to water. We did 5 good water blinds with differing concepts, up the shore , through a narrow channel, into the corner of the pond and over and past points. I was pleased with the effort M gave me. The fellow with the pudelpointer came over and ask if he could borrow my "birdie little dog". One of the pigeon had got up under his car and his dog couldn't dig it out. This was a real treat for M. She was no time sniffing out that bird and retrieving it. He says he can't remember eve seeing a dog as birdie as she is. He has a really neat piece of equipment that we are going to take a pattern from to help teach sit to flush. That will be our Fall project. He say his philosophy is based on 3 P's, patience, practice and performance.. This combined with Dennis Voigt's ABC, attitude, balance and control make up a pretty good training plan. We hope to do more work with him. He and hi dog do NAVDA and will need help with marks and blinds.
      I have often said we will train with the devil himself if he has something teach us.

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      oooh, lucky girl, getting to hunt up the pigeon, bet she loved it!
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      It takes a village to train a retriever! That is God's own truth.

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