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      Subito Pianissimo

      Winger Day 3 - YouTube

      (Warning: Duck Sounds)

      It's kinda cheating to reduce her singing by having her hold a bumper. But the whole Hillmann theory is that a dog gets conditioned to a certain behavior, that can be "rewarded" (loosely defined) by a buzz, verbal reinforcement, and ultimately, the retrieve. For early Traffic Cop, a dog that is creeping might be pulled back into position via a lead, and when in position is buzzed and told her SIT is GOOD and she's a GOOD DOG (buzz, buzz) then gets released. But the main thing is, she would NOT be nicked or burned when out of position.

      So, it's another day, another increment for Rocket Dog.

      The winger is a welcomed addition to the training supplies. Pricey, though.

      Coming increments:

      Quack, then pop and toss (blanks fired by winger).

      Quack, pop/toss using a real duck.
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