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    Thread: Where to start?

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      Quote Originally Posted by TuMicks View Post
      I am not sure how you use the e-collar in Schutzhund or if you use it at all. There is a school of thought (Hillmann's methods) that use a very low buzz (low 2 on a Tritronix/Garmin) and use it to reinforce the RIGHT behavior thus conditioning the dog. The other school is to use a higher level to punish a dog for giving in to behavior that he knows is incorrect. (Thus, being fair to the dog requires a lot of skill since you really have to be sure you know the dog's mind.) This would typically be what we would refer to as the Lardy method (though actually it goes back to the father of the e-collar and training wizard Rex Carr. Many outstanding pros use variations of this method. Lardy, Graham, Farmer, Dobbs, etc.

      I think Hillmann's method makes most sense to me and is a bit more idiot proof. Hard to screw your dog up with a low buzz. Plus I'm seeing good results.

      You can get a flavor of what Hillmann is all about by going to his youtube channel


      (PS: If ONLY there were HT's within 2 hours of me. Hell! I drive that far to just train my retriever on water most of the summer.)

      I also agree w/ this. My lines don't require much pressure at all, and in fact, are on the whole, a bit more sensitive than I'd like at times. That makes CC (collar conditioning) all the MORE important imo as it conditions the dog to pressure. I actually start now w/ playing w/ my pups' ears, pinching in "fun", collar pops etc. Basically just gearing them up for real life. Funny thing but watching my pups and big dogs play in real time, they play rough! I have a boy I bred here and prior to his "girl" being ready to breed, you should have seen how he played w/ her. And she was fine w/ it! I think today's general training is FAR too soft and not helping the dogs succeed. If you are into Schutzhund, you'll be fine though. I think that sport has a good handle on things still.
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      I have heard of a couple different methods of using the ecollar. I also like the method of using it on a low buzz for reinforcement, but I personally use it on my shepherd as a correction for unwanted behaviors (such as barking, grabbing things off counters, etc.), but he only needs it on level 1.5 to 2.5. His collar only goes up to 8 though, so maybe one that has 20, 50, or 100 levels would work better as far as using the low level for reinforcement rather than correction

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      I have an old Tritronix that is variable intensity. So you have settings 1-6. But you have two buttons. Put it on 2... push button #1 (like under your 3rd finger) and it's a low 2. Push button #2 (under your index finger) and it's a medium 2. Push both together and it's a high 2.

      This works great for me. A low 2 is a reinforcing low buzz. On my dog, a high 2 is a correction. So I don't have to go around twisting the dial and cranking it up.

      They no longer make tritronix. They were bought out by Garmin and I believe the new Garmins are pretty much like the one I still have.

      My dog is now 4 years old and has been through a Rex Carr style program by a pro. But I found myself inadequate to really read my dog well enough to use that style of training and have been much more comfortable with the Hillmann method. That being said... she knows what pressure is, and under rare circumstances, I will catch her with a correction. Generally though, I am only doing that when I know she's turned me off and become an independent contractor.

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