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      Brooks - Double marked retrieves and sight blinds

      Video taken today. The place we went to is a local little league baseball complex, and despite a big "NO DOGS ALLOWED" sign I figure I'm a tax payer, and no one is using the grounds this time of year, I figured what the heck.

      Brooks marked double. DW was camera operator and bumper tosser, so excuse the shaky camera work!

      Brooks on sight blinds. I dropped 4 Dokkens about 20-25 yards away. You'll see he hesitates when I send him the second time. He's done this at times, and I realized he's hearing just a little bit of whistle (which was in my mouth) when I give him the "back" command, which may be causing some confusion. I did the next two retrieves with no whistle in my mouth, and it was better.

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      Some good progress made. Give me a call when. ye get a chance and I have a couple o' pointers for ye.


      Joanie Madden, Mary Bergin, Adrea Coor, and Nuala Kennedy, each an Irish whistle goddess in her own right.

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      I've found tone of voice on blinds can be helpful to clue the dog on distance. A quieter Back for short blinds tells them it's "easy". Slightly louder for longer ones. Too loud, and some dogs will shut down or "pop" as it may sound more like "ACKKK!!!"
      I have a little routine that I tell mine "Heel Straight" (body/ backbone in line w/ blind). "Dead bird" or just "dead". If it's a really easy short (w/in sight) blind, I may say "Easy". For a long blind, I'll add something like "it's wayyy back there" then say Back at the quietest tone possible for the job understanding that a louder voice will push them harder on the long ones.

      Looks like a good day and you still have some leaves/ color on the trees too! Mine are almost all gone!
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