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      May 2014
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      Brooks coming along

      Brooks and I did a field training day with the First State Retriever Club this past Saturday, weather was beyond perfect for January, 60 degrees and sunny. It was our first time back out with real birds since our training day back in November, where he did struggle a bit. I consulted with IRISHWHISTLER after that session and he gave me some great guidance which we worked on pretty much daily until the weather went to crap around Christmas. So it's been almost a month since Brooks had worked withy a real bird.

      They set up 4 land marks, 80 yards, 180 yards, 275 yards and over 300 yards from the line. We were to pick three of the four for the first session. I did the 80 yard mark first, which is well within Brooks current range. I'm happy to say he was straight out, picked up the bird, straight back to heal, holding the bird until I took it. It was his first 100% correct retrieve of a real bird. I was pretty damn happy to say the least. We moved up on the 275 yard mark, making it approximately 200 yards. He did a great job on this mark, which was at least 70 yards longer than any mark he had done to date. Next we did the 180 yard mark, bit from a spot that made it about 120, and again he nailed it. I walked back in to the line with Brooks, very proud of how he performed.

      The second series was 3 land marks, 60 yards, 180 yards, and over 200 yards. The line was a small mound, and the two longer marks were will beyond a line of trees 80 yards from the line. Brooks nailed the short mark and the 180 yard mark with no issues. I was a little concerned with the long mark, as this was the longest mark Brooks had ever attempted. I asked the gun at that station to have a second bird ready to toss should Brooks slow down. I sent Brooks and he started to slow just beyond the line of trees, I radioed the gun and had him throw the second bird, Brooks immediately accelerated to the mark and completed the retrieve.

      I would be remiss to not acknowledge and thank IRISHWHISTLER for all the help he has given Brooks and me with our field work. We were struggling bad last summer and I was very frustrated. Mike invited Brooks and I to visit him in CT for a weekend last September, and he sent us home with a concrete plan to move forward. Brooks and I worked hard and I'm happy to see how well he has progressed. Hopefully we'll continue to move forward and meet our goal of a JH this year!

      Here are a couple vids taken this Monday. Needless to say, DW won't handle dead ducks, so I planted the ducks and had her toss a bumped for Brooks to mark.

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      Aye Barry,
      Good work by ye and BROOKS. Those land marks are greater distances than any you will see in any AKC Junior Hunter Stakes. BROOKS looked good on his marking, steadiness at the line, lining to the bird and back, and delivery to hand. Now start working him in deeper cover as that is what you are likely to encounter in a JH hunt test. Water work this spring to enhance performance and TEAM BROOKS is on the way to a JH Title 👍 this year.

      Last edited by IRISHWISTLER; 01-28-2018 at 09:47 PM.

      Joanie Madden, Mary Bergin, Adrea Coor, and Nuala Kennedy, each an Irish whistle goddess in her own right.

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      Sounds like a good marking dog. A testament to his breeder and your encouragement.

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      barry581 (02-04-2018)

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