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    Thread: Finally

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      We finally have strung together a couple of nice days. Sunday had Elle and M out for some marks. Elle is finally getting the idea that she brings every bumper to me. Her leg is just great. I can't say enough good things about the vet tech's that worked with her. She goes Wednesday for a final check up and then we can really start her field work. So far it has been a lot of indoor obedience and stretch and strengthen exercises along with the water tread mill. The last measurement they did showed that she has put back nearly an inch of muscle mass on the hip. Shows that she is working that leg.
      Today was the first day that we did some yard work. Starting with sit to the whistle and some pile work. I was happy with the way she picked it up. Now just to get her conditioned retrieve and collar conditioning done and the real work will begin.
      The other good thing that happened today was I got my Kennel license renewed. When I sent the fees in in January I got a call from one of the new hires that the township was not going to renew my license and I would have to petition the council in order to keep my three dogs ( 2 dog limit). Needless to say I was not a happy camper but I wrote my letter explaining I have had this license since the mid-nineties and there has not been one complaint from any of our neighbours in all this time. Got a call yesterday from a different young man, he came out today looked us over and handed me my licence.
      We are now able to have more than the three dogs if I want.

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      Oh my. There's a lot about Canada I don't get. You are not running a kennel business, are you? 2 dog limit seems extreme.

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      So glad that Elle is almost totally healed up! What a relief!
      Also Greta news you've got your license back. Added stress you didn't need
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