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    Thread: A Senior Ribbon

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      A Senior Ribbon

      We ran at Sierra Nevada on Thursday a week ago.

      The terrain was typical Nevada. Scattered sagebrush, undulating terrain. The distances were maybe 75-ish yards. We ran #24. This really was more of a test than it looked. The "ditch" was not very big of a deal, none of the dogs squared it. But on the go bird, many of the dogs over-ran the mark and got lost in the sage brush, some recovered and hunted their way back, lots couldn't and made big bail-outs and headed for the flier. RD just stepped on the go-bird, came back and lined herself smack in line with her flier. Her's had hooked back toward the guns and was dropped pretty short. I made sure she was looking in the right place and cut her loose. She nailed that one and was coming back when I heard the judges behind me say "Shazam!" Her blind wasn't bad. Her initial line could have been better because she flared to the left... I imagine she thought I was being a dolt and sending her back to an old fall... (I can see where she might have gotten that impression.) It took maybe 2 whistles to get her on the correct line. She entered the heavy tall dead weedy patch and looked like she was going to be OK, but I stopped her before she exited and gave her a back cast. She was on a perfect line after that and I let her roll. Just as she got to the bird I stopped her again, then gave her a tweet-tweet... she picked it up and came back. The judge asked me if I was showing off with the last whistle and I told her my pro would kill my @ss if I lost control at the end. She laughed.


      The go bird on the water series was long by Senior dog standards. The dogs really all went after it hell for leather, then hit the drop-off, many went under, came up confused and squared the shore, backending the mark. On the second memory bird, I don't remember any dogs that cheated, but several beached early, ran past the mark, hunted on land and never found it. RD had no issues at all. Her blind was great.

      The problem, however was that it was a long walk from the truck, 4 holding blinds, a re-bird... she was a bat-sh!t crazy by the time we ran. She didn't break, but she crept. Her honor was OK. But holy smoke, I almost couldn't get her leashed up and I'm here to tell you it was a near-run thing. I honestly thought she was going to go for the next working dog's birds.

      But we made it and got her ribbon. 2 more and she'll have her SH title. I won't be able to run her, however with the surgery I have to have, but I'm OK with the pro doing it. We're at the point that we can just start training for Master and I'll plan on trying to run with the big dogs next spring.

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      Aye Lass,
      Congrats to ye and RD. Keep moving forward and good luck with ye surgery. Ye will be back in the game soon and TEAM RD will be working on an MH.👍


      Joanie Madden, Mary Bergin, Adrea Coor, and Nuala Kennedy, each an Irish whistle goddess in her own right.

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      Sounds like you both did a great job! Congrats!

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      Well done

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