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    Thread: Hunting Faster

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      Jul 2014
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      Hunting Faster

      Hi, so I have trained my Lab to find deer antlers. He is 18months. This was his first spring hunting. He did a fairly good job and found 14. My only concern is that he seems to hunt really slowly. Which is not really a problem, because we walk really slow anyway. I just wish he would cover more ground quicker. Any advice. Even when we go bird hunting he seems slow, until he gets hot on a bird. Thanks Coco

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      Jun 2014
      Clarence NY
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      Is your dog working the area the entire time, seeking scent? If so, I would not try to move him faster as he is working hard to find the item/items you have taught him to seek. In Spring and Fall, there is a lot of scent from grass that obscures the odors he seeks and this may be part of the issue. I suggest that you let the dog work the area and trust his nose, especially since you stated that once he is on scent, he works faster to find the end of the scent trail, be it to retrieve the shed or to flush a pheasant.
      I hope this helps.

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