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      Going to enter Rogue Valley...

      I have a 7 year old MH who has been to the Master National once. She has LOTS of experience. But since she got it all with a pro... I have none.(*) Zero. Zip. Nada. In spite of being a student of the game (you should see my book shelf!) and having helped the training group for years, I haven't a clue what it feels like to run a dog.

      So, let's see: Master dog plus Junior handler... (since addition of a negative integer is the same as subtraction) must equal Senior stake. Ta DAH!

      I'm about to whip out the Visa Card, and spend over 150$ to begin my education.

      (*) When you work 8 days a week, you have money and no time. So all my dog experience was vicarious. When you're retired you have time and no money (or much less) and it's daunting to spend $$ for entries, travel, and lodging. Sure hope it pays off.

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      Sound like tons of fun. The idea is to go and have fun, both of you.

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