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      Terrific workshop

      We had a terrific workshop on the weekend. There were 15 handlers and everyone got to work with their dogs, which ranged from basics to advanced. The two days were built around the wants and needs of the handlers. It helped clean up some problems some were having as well as giving them next steps. Don even gave us some really good ideas for helping one young woman that has partial paralysis on her right side. She loves working the dog and is now at the level to start handling. The limit range of movement on her right side was something we were working trying to get solutions for. Because the weather was so warm everyone wanted to get their dogs into the water, which is still quite chilly. Don was able to find spots on the ponds that could be used for cheating singles, short over the point blinds and even to demonstrate the steps of the swim-by without having the dogs in the water for long periods of time. I am getting really positive feedback so all in all it was a most successful venture.

      For those who are somewhat reluctant to send your dog to a pro I will tell you a little story. My young dog was to go back with Don to finish her swim-by and do some work on discipline casting and be decheated. She is spoiled rotten I thought maybe she would not be happy about going. As Don was packing the truck to leave he left the doors to a couple of the holes open on the side and there she was climbing aboard all by herself. Obviously there was no reluctance and she has a great bond with him. However my ego took a hit. Finding the right pro is priceless. My sister sent her young dog for basics as well so the two brats are together.

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      Sounds like a very cool event. I keep looking on Entry Express for seminars somewhere out west within reasonable driving range. So far no luck. I have heard there is a judging seminar in Salt Lake City (500 or so miles). It can be very helpful in learning what judges are watching for and what sorts of training we need to focus on. So we'll see.

      Ditto on finding the right pro. Invaluable.

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