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      What should I do next with my hunting dog

      My newly adopted Hope is a hunting dog that is 6 years old & has a Jr. Hunting title is the US. I have had her 4 months now. I have no experience with hunting but we did a one day seminar learning field work. The staff told me she definitely knew what she was doing, she was kind the star of the class.
      I asked the staff what I should do next & she said " Obedience". We just finished it. It was fun but I don't see us doing Rally Obedience. I would rather her be in the field doing what she is born & trained to do.
      So: What should be do next?

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      Chief Pooper Scooper
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      Train her for her Senior Hunting title, or if there are UKC shows in your area (or in the US that you can travel to) get her UKC hunting title.

      And BTW, there is Obedience and Rally. You can do both or either. I don't know why you wouldn't do it. You can get a title in 2 weekends (3 shows). You can do those on the side while you train for your SH.

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      Look on the Canadian Kennel Club site for Working Certificate test. The WC level is easy and you should be able to handle her with no trouble if she has a JH. There are two more levels in the Working Certificates that would help you train her for her senior hunter. I know there are clubs in the Vancouver area. You can probably find them on the CKC site as well. There is a UKC club in BC as well but I am not sure how far it would be from you.
      The progression we use as we are training for field trials is UKC started, WC, and then JH. There entry level test get the dogs used to test atmosphere. You will find that retriever people are friendly and willing to help new people as on of the goals for the national club is to keep people interested to keep these games going.
      Don't let your obedience slide as it is very important in the retriever games. There is a great deal of crossover that you can use for both.
      I would suggest you also visit Mike Lardy's Total Retrieve website and copy his training flow chart. It will give you an idea of the training sequence and maybe a platform for asking questions about training. His training materials are very good. But don't be afraid to ask questions. Someone will be able to help I'm sure.

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      Exactly so. Get with a group of field retriever folks. They will help you figure out where you are with your dog and what to do next. AND, groups always need a spare hand to toss birds and such. You'll enjoy it and so will your dog.

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