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    Thread: Rest days

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      House Broken
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      Mar 2016
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      Rest days

      How often should you give your dog a day off from training so he don't get burnt out / bored with it
      I don't think mine will ever loose interest cause he will go in the building and open the ice chest with all his bumpers in it and grab one to play

      i was was told when I first started not to give your dog retrieves everyday it'll kill thier drive

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      Real Retriever
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      Feb 2016
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      Me every last date of the month we go in mountain go for a beach. They really enjoy their vacation with me and I'm so happy that they are at my side too.

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      I think everything you do with your dog has an element of training in it. We work on "line manners" even with every feeding. (Because line manners are very, very difficult for her.)

      The "break" is in terms of pressure. From that, they need some off time. Training is about balance.

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      Best Friend Retriever
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      Oct 2014
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      Right now we are having a week off, mainly so I can get some housework caught up. With training I like to try to balance the work out, with the emphasis on try. We do take one day a week off. The other six days we split between running marking set ups and blind and drill work. Week looks sort of like this Sunday club trainings doing set ups, Monday yard work and obedience drills, Tuesday marking concepts ( perhaps an ABC drill ) Wednesday off, Thursday drill work for blinds, Friday marking concepts and Saturday easy drills. With marking set ups we will start the week with a set of singles and then build on them on the next two days ( add a retired gun, diversion, poison bird etc ). Being retired helps but the dogs do need some down time as well. On days off we just let them be dogs.

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