We shot fliers today. I don't want to say she was a statue. I was not happy with her vocalization (a small grunt/squeak/snort) and she raised her butt maybe about an inch off the ground and leaned forward. (I took them out of order, so the flier went down first.) I waited her out before calling for a second bird. For that one she was quiet and still. (Like... wow... lookee there! Another bird!) They had set up a quad, so we got to do two doubles. The second one was a walk-up, followed by a long bird across a deep, fast flowing stream. She was fine on those.

I think the most helpful thing we've done all season is to get her to believe that nothing good happens unless she is in proper position and that being there is her decision. I really work on the pas de deux approach where she can only move with my left leg. Doing this a dinner time is a real challenge for her.

But you always win a little here to lose a little there. She has gotten loose in the field with some loopy sits and auto-casting. So, there's always something. I thought we'd gotten her casts and whistle-sits pretty crisp earlier. So, we'll start working harder on those again.