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      Mission Almost Accomplished

      It has been a really busy September. I got through all my judging assignment pretty well unscathed. Only had one snarky comment about our Master test. Fellow made a dig that it was too easy. HIs dog ended up picking up one bird on the triple and never got to the blind under the arc of the poison bird. Guess it wasn't as easy as it looked.M had a good month. The way some of the tests were set up I was able to run her when my assignments were finished. She got her WCI and WCX and passed 3 consecutive Senior tests. We will start the spring with trying for her title before moving into the field trials. I was really quite proud of her especially with the quartering as we only did it once before the first test. The dogs just seem to pick it up naturally.My one disappointment was that I only got a WC and a WCI on my sister`s dog. I got her to the water blind on the last test we ran ( last bird of the day ) and she just refused to take a cast. The little beast only had about 5 yds to go to get the blind. I saw her drop her shoulder so I gave her a whistle she turned and looked at me and then just refused to take the cast. She started to come back in so I thought I would just pick her up. She was having none of that either. She got half way back, made a right turn, got up in the bush on the shore and the next time I saw her she was down the point and right to the bird. I swear she knew that bird was there and was just being like her great grandma Woodie. Let me do this my way! She just turned 2 on the 19th of September so there is plenty of time to establish who is boss on the blinds over the winter.Don is coming for 2 days in October so he can help with a program over the winter months.

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