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      Poor little Whisper tried it at the Vet's too. She knew the next step was on the exam table so, ever her obliging self, tried to jump up on it and rammed the corner of the steel top into her chest. She gave no sign it hurt but it must have.

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      That's a hysterical picture.

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      IMpressive jump, he assumed you'd have left more room for him up there

      Quote Originally Posted by MightyThor View Post
      Yeah, now that he know what to do you better watch out!

      Thor did that in a bout of the crazies at the vet one time - I was struggling to keep him in a sit next to me while i checked out and paid (he was about 8 months old and in the a$$hole teenager stage) and he went from the sit to all four on the vet's checkout table before I even noticed. His goal was the treat jar. Which he knocked all over the floor to the joy of the other waiting dogs.
      oh man Penny was ALWAYS trying to jump on the counter at the vet!! the first time she succeeded but then almost fell off. From that point on I generally caught her before she got up :P

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