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      Lovely pictures

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      Quote Originally Posted by BaconsMom View Post
      Those are awesome vests!! Do they like them?? Are they bulky??
      Love them <3 aren't really all that bulky. I know there are some that are a bit thinner, but these are still awesome

      Quote Originally Posted by JackK View Post
      Great photos. My Cassie had a similar adventure in a swamp on a recent hike. My first thought was great, you are not getting in the truck looking like that. Luckily we too found a pond for her to rinse off in.
      I just called checking on my order of a swamp cooler vest and then I saw your photos. Do they like them?
      Thank god for crates haha I was dreading putting her in the car because she stunk something awful. We nearly didn't find the lake, but so glad we did.

      And yes love the swamp coolers and they definitely make a difference as far as the girls and their heat tolerance especially for Karma. Oddly enough she has the most trouble with heat, but the vest helps her out a lot.

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      cooling vests??? didnt know there was such a thing-how do they work??

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      Quote Originally Posted by MontananDakota View Post
      cooling vests??? didnt know there was such a thing-how do they work??
      They work through evaporative cooling... you wet the vest and the place it on the dog. As the water evaporates it cools the dog. Same principle as people sweating ... as the sweat evaporates it pulls the heat away from the skin.

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