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      Habits are hard to break

      When Lark came to us I gave her a spot to eat that was separated from Chase's by about 5 feet so that I could intervene if either decided to go for the other's food bowl. Chase would wait by the water bowl for his food, Lark would wait on the mat in front of the kitchen sink and eat there. She learned it hard. Even though it would now be more convenient for me if Lark would eat where Chase got his food, to her, the mat in front of the sink is her place and will always be her place. If I try to put her bowl anywhere else, she looks at me as if I've lost my mind and just waits by the sink. OK, Baby, whatever works for you.

      Do your pups have an assigned eating spot that is not up for debate?


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      Since Samson was a pup, his designated eating spot was his crate in the living room. We had a routine. He sits in the kitchen beside me while I dish out his kibble. I give him two nibbles and then he would run to his crate and wait for me to finish up. I put supplements in his food (salmon oil. coconut oil, and golden paste). I'd bring it to him to his crate, sit the bowl down, and he patiently waited for the release word (a pool of drool already present). Fast forward to January of this year when I got Asher. I needed Samson's crate for Asher. I moved Samson's memory foam out and put it across the room on the floor along with his blankets and favorite toys. First time it was time for food, my poor Samson was lost. I dished out the kibble like normal, gave him his two pieces, then he ran for the crate -- only to find a new little resident inside. I could hear Samson moving around in the living room. Then he ran back in the kitchen looking at me like he had done something wrong. Poor guy was probably thinking he wasn't going to get food. I let him know it was OK and we went in and I put him in his new spot right at the corner of his relocated bed. Now, Asher sits in the crate waiting for me while Samson sticks to his routine of getting a few pieces of kibble and then running to his spot. And when I say run....he pretty much hauls butt out of the kitchen to that spot. I just love these guys! :-)

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      The cats are more particular about where I set their bowls down. When a meal is being prepared they all go to where I usually put their bowl to wait. But after that they will all try to mooch from each other. Oban will eat anywhere. But he goes to his spot to wait too.

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      Not really except Linus is always on the left and Sam is always on the right. If they find themselves out of position, they change it themselves. When I fed Linus in the crate as a puppy he'd book it in the crate and wait as soon as he heard the kibble pouring into the bowl.

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      mine know where they each get fed and often go there to wait but they are just as happy to eat anywhere.

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