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      Jul 2017
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      Max took a swim today...

      Happy dog!
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      Great photo, looks like a great place for him to enjoy the water too.

      I remember the first time my Zeke dipped his paw into water, freaked him out, he jumped as high as he could to get away from it. The next time we were near water he investigated a little at a time, even dipped his nose in and blew some bubbles. 2 years later he can't get enough water, absolutely loves it. One day we were playing in the rain and he still found a nice puddle to plop down in. Recently, we were playing the day after a snow, it was about 24 degrees (F). The park I take him to has a nice creek running along side, he took a couple swims in between rounds of chasing his favorite ball.

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      It's funny how some labs just love, love, love water eve moreso than others. Looks like Max is a big fan!

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      Great picture! Someone sure loves their swims.

      Sure wish it were warmer around here. I've been told that Katie love swimming. Can't wait for the spring.

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      Jun 2016
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      He looks so calm.i remember the first time gigi at 4 months, took after ducks in the lake. She loves playing fetch in the water.

      Some labs live to swim and other just do not want water ro touch them

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