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      TEAM BROOKS - On The Water

      Barry and BROOKS spent the last few days with me doing some intensive training on both land and water in preparation for their pursuit of an AKC Junior Hunter title for BROOKS. We did some corrective work with regard to mouthing related issues and how those corrections made play a significant role in making for a more solidified delivery to hand. T'was apparent to all involved that our time spent on these issues saw dramatic improvement in performance for TEAM BROOKS. The issues cited were addressed on land initially and then applied to water work as well.

      BROOKS was extended on the water to retrieves at distances he was certainly not use to making previously. His marking abilities warranted stretching him out far beyond those he will ever encounter in an AKC JH stakes. We were cautious to vary lengths accordingly so as to prevent conditioned overrunning or working short. Steadiness and manners on the line were emphasized as was marking of birds thrown from remote locations. BROOKS' ability at marking was notable as was his style and drive whence sent on retrieve. BROOKS has the potential to be a really fine gun dog and K9 hunt test athlete👍.

      Faugh A Ballagh,
      THE DOG WHISTLER 🍀🇮🇪🇺🇸

      "SENDING BROOKS". - Barry is seen sending BRROKS on retrieve during one of our evening sessions of intensive water work.
      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -dsc05135resized_fotor-jpg  
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      Thank you for letting us join you...nice to see Brooks in action.

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      Go Brooks go

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      Lookin good you two!

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      Looking great Barry and Mike!

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