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      I've finally sorted through most of the pics and here are a few from our visit.

      On our first bolding walk with Mike, TRAD and MAC. This was the first time Brooks was able to be fully off leash on a long walk in the woods. Mike is truly blessed to have some beautiful grounds for dog training. We did several on these walks, and they provided Brooks with a great opportunity to socialize. It was a bit tense between the dogs at first, Brooks was a bit aggressive with the puppy, but after a while, all the dogs were very respectful of each other. Of course MAC being a 12 week old puppy, he was determined to get in Brooks face, to Brooks credit he learned to take it in stride, and pretty much ignored the puppy on our last walk.

      MAC playing in the steam

      Hey, watcha doin' down there??


      Brooks and me

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      Love these pictures.labs in the woods.

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      I am so pleased you guys are training together!! How awesome!

      I bet Brooks was less aggressive, and just not used to being around annoying puppies, and the puppy needed to be taught some manners :-)

      Great pictures and Brooks is a man-dog now, all grown up!

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