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      A Field Day For Trad, Mac, & Allie Mae

      Aye Mates,
      I spent a grand day afield yesterday gunning for pheasants with me gunning Mate Bill, his retriever ALLIE MAE, and me own retrievers TRAD and MAC. T'was a day focused on getting each dog bird contacts whilst addressing their specific needs and training levels individually. T'is nice to watch each dog closely and to concentrate on having them apply their current skill levels in training to their application under practical hunting experiences. Our retrievers benefit tremendously given these very focused field experiences, the primary focus being placed on each dog, the actual hunting of birds being secondary in overall importance for Bill and meself.

      Our retrievers worked hard and each o' the three had a wonderful day afield whilst maintaining the high level standards we have set for them. Our objectives remain fluid for each retriever and evolve as we move each o' them toward expectations demanded for increasingly higher levels o' field performance. The satisfaction realized during these sessions are incredible for both handler / owner and the gun dog trainees alike.

      I have included here several photo's from our hunt yesterday. During this hunt, the work for each retriever was focused on control and obedience whilst afield, marking, remaining steady to wing, shot and fall o' birds, proper quartering and working o' the extensive cover plots on the training / hunting grounds, persistence in the tracking and recovery o' both downed and running / wounded game birds, and the completion o' each retrieve made with classic delivery to hand. Grand gun dogs are crafted through much in the way o' diligent, focused, and competent training, all elements o' that process I apply to each and every retriever I choose to work with.👍

      THE DOG WHISTLER 🍀🇮🇪🇺🇸
      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -ly-afxfjsfamfnh3jt5lmg_thumb_48f9_fotor-jpg   -u0ndhswisr-ia1x5antnpa_thumb_4905_fotor-jpg   -zx6s5sm-q7ihloul3d83nq_thumb_4605_fotor-1-jpg   -papq7j6wqlo8zq0z4vigfq_thumb_4904_fotor-jpg   -2nnhly-ctwejtpwbyik9yg_thumb_48e3_fotor-jpg  

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      A grand day indeed!

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      Sure wish I could see all of you in action. Great pictures.

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