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    Thread: So much snow!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Snowshoe View Post
      I'm so jealous. We've had a terrible winter, warm and hardly any snow. We depend on cold, ice and snow for a lot of our winter economy here. Restaurants were telling their staff not to come in as traffic was down so badly with the snowmobile trails closed. There was a nice storm on Friday and we stayed put as visibility on the roads was pretty bad. But in the end we only got about 8cm(~4inches) It's cold now, hope things improve for the latter part of winter.

      Cookie looks SO happy, as any Lab would in fresh, new snow. Where were you? I see the stop sign is in English.
      Well, that's too bad. Last year was bad here too for winter tourism. I think they ended up with putting fake snow, the ski resorts were empty.

      These were shot in our neighborhood in Belgrade, the traffic signs are universal.

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      Cookies is very much enjoying the snow but yes that is way to much snow for me

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      It is a case of be careful what you wish for here. I was worrying that we did not have enough snow and that the ponds would suffer in the Spring but that has now been taken care of for sure. It has been snowing everyday for the last two weeks. Yesterday we had a real snow storm and got a dump of about a foot and a half. Our neighbour came and blew the drive way twice and was back first thing this morning. OH is out shovelling the deck and cleaning up around the garage doors. We now have at least 4 feet on the ground. It is even with the walkway across the front of the house which is a four foot drop. I have had to cancel Elle and M's obedience times again today. This is the third time in two weeks. Elle and M are loving the snow but it is difficult for them to get around so OH will pack them some trails to the back of the property with the snow mobile so they have some place to run and won't go near the road.
      Yesterday my sister's furnace when off, it was simply snow that had packed the chimney and snuffed out the pilot light. It can stop snowing now!

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      Wow that is a lot of snow. Cookie photographs well in the snow. He's styling in his jacket. We've had almost no snow at all here this year. Weird weather year for sure.

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