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      He is lucky to have you and you to have him!

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      House Broken
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      That's so sad to see in the first pictures. I also do not like people who don't care about dogs/cats and think they are disposable. You are a wonderful person to take him in and love him and nurse him back to health. He's lucky to have you. Dude, looks great now and happy.

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      Quote Originally Posted by kelsyg View Post
      What an awful beginning for Dude. There is a special place in hell for people who would treat a living creature that way.
      He sure does looks very healthy and adorable, now!
      And I for one would be willing to help send these b@#&*rds on their way. I could never be an Animal Control Officer, I'd be in jail for murder.

      Thank you Notdot for saving Dude.

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