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How To Post Pictures and Photos

There are two ways to post photos on the Labrador Retriever Chat Forums:

1. Upload your photos to Photo Bucket and link them from there in your posts and signatures here. This is the preferred method because it re-sizes your photos and stores your photos forever and really is much easier to use.

2. You can upload your photos using the forum software. Note, these photos will be purged from time to time to conserve server space, large photos will give you errors and in some cases they will have to re-sized first.

Photo Bucket

This method is very easy once you get the hang of it. Just make sure you have two windows open. Once for the forum and one for Photo Bucket.

1. Go to Photo Bucket and create a free account. You can create a paid account that gives you more storage space, that is up to you.
2. Right on the main screen when you login you will be given the option to upload a photos or photos.
3. Once your photo is uploaded the screen will change and you will see your photo. Just click on your photo and to the left you will see your Share This Image Options.
4. Choose the bottom one called IMG CODE and click on the code and it will auto copy to your clipboard.
5. Go back to your New Post at the forums and Paste that code into your Post or into your Signature box if you are using the photo for your signature.

It's as easy as that.

Upload Your Photos to the Forum

1. Once you have clicked the option to start a new post or reply to a post you will see the toolbar above the area where you are posting your message.
2. You can then click on the Paper Clip Icon above and a new window will open. The first window pane includes the photos you already have upload.
3. Click on the green circle with the cross through it that says Add Files, then Select Files and Browse to your photos on your computer, the click Upload Files.
4. If your photos were the proper size you will see them at the bottom of the original window under Attachments.
5. The click the Done Button and they will be inserted into your post. Do not click the Inline button or your photo will be posted as a link, which you don't want.

Note, the method above works the same way as using the Attachments link underneath where you are typing your new message.
Note, if your photos are too large they will not show up in the Attachments and you will see a Red icon beside them in the upper pain when you try to upload them.

I am going to close this thread so it isn't replied to and I miss something. Please PM me if you need assistance.