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      May 2014
      St Augustine, FL
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      Yup, Cassie and Reba allow us to sleep with them! Cassie sleeps rolled up at the top and shares my pillow. Reba has the bottom


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      May 2014
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      Ha! When we brought Pocco home, we had just upgraded from a queen to a King sized water bed. former dh always said no dogs in the bed, but of course it was him who started letting Mags at just over 2 into the bed, when Pocco came home and we started crate training him. Shortly afterwards they were both on the bed! Waterbed got replaced with a regular bed, and they were still allowed up. As they got older, i wound up building a ramp that hooked onto the bedframe so they could get up and down, and then stringing suspended 2x8 around the other side and the foot of the bed so they didn't fall out of the bed (it happened, and scared the crap out of me)

      When I got Scout, I thought, nope, going to have nice girly fancy bedcovers now. So Scout started off in the crate in the bedroom, then a nice dogbed. After a few months, I was suspicious of yellow dog fur at the very end of the bed in the morning.... I finally caught him up there in the middle of the night, he was sound asleep dreaming and kicking me. As soon as I woke up and moved, he bolted off the bed. I decided he could sleep up there, and it was a long time before he;d relax about that and not hop off if i moved.

      Fast forward to about a month ago, i finally broke down and replaced the mattress and box spring that were 16 years old. The new mattress is rediculously thick, and with a memory foam topper on top, I have to really heaft myself UP onto it. Scout is spry, but i worried especially about him jumping down.

      Hey mom, thats waaaay taller than my head!

      so, I tried out the ramp from Mags and Pocco, but it came out about 16" lower than the mattress top, plus bowed quite a bit under Scouts weight (both other boys were within standards, Scout is much bigger, about 20 and 24 lbs heavier). I looked around, and the closest thing I could find was $130 and not exactly right, so I decided to build him steps that matched my various furniture pieces.

      These work mom, but they go nowhere?

      I goofed, I should have left the top step the full 10" deep and then it would cover that gap between the steps and the mattress, but oh well. It hooks to the bedframe so it can't slide away. It could go at the end of the bed, he seemed fine with using it that way, but he's so used to going up right where you come in the door, i thought i'd leave it there until he was using it for up AND down.

      I can do this!

      I like how it sits here, less in the way, I may modify the brackets that hold it to the bedframe and put it here.

      here's where it currently is. Now all i have to do is get him to not jump down and just use the steps! we're about 75/25 for getting down with the steps vs jumping.

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      May 2014
      Carolina in my mind..
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      Wow, Scoutpout, those steps are fabulous!

      Ours don't sleep with us. Chase's favorite activity is rolling on the ground, in the street, under the pine trees, in snow, whatever is on the ground, fortunately not in other animals' poo though! Aside from the fact that he is not a snuggler anyway, he is like Pigpen from Peanuts and would leave dirt everywhere. Since Chase doesn't get up, Lark hasn't been given the opportunity. Plus, I can tolerate dog hair on the butter, in the refrigerator, or floating in my coffee better than I can in my bed. Sorry, pups!

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      May 2014
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      Scoutpout your whole post with photos have made my day! So cute and absolutely hilarious the things we do to cater for our beloved dogs. And here you are making stairs for easy access when there are probably some here that are putting up barriers so they're dogs don't get on the bed.

      So cute and funny!

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      House Broken
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      Oct 2014
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      We've always had our dogs share our bed, ever since we got our first Lab, Uno, in 1992. Until 2009, we had a queen size bed. Once we got a king, things were definitely more comfy for everyone.

      With Tucker, on his first night with us, he made so much noise in his crate that Jim took pity on him (and us... and our neighbors) and just brought him in with us. He's gotten used to his crate now, but I just love having him with us.

      No pics... I'm sure I have some somewhere of Uno (actual pictures, not digital - how quaint!). I'll have to see if I can dig them up and scan them.

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      May 2014
      North Carolina
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      A little dark, he likes the lights off and the TV volume down. I love it most days, we have a king sized bed, but he sleeps in the middle of us.

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      May 2014
      Centreville, VA
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      About a year ago, we moved up to a King size bed. It's a bit of a squeeze to fit in our bedroom. Sam says thanks mom and dad for the fancy new dog bed!

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      Aug 2014
      Wake Forest, NC
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      All my labs have been bed dogs. I'm single and sleep in a 'single' so we have had some issues from time to time. Mostly waking up in the night, on the edge of the bed to find them sleeping with their back against the wall and legs stretched out pushing me off. For some reason I feel guilty waking them up to move and trying to pull all the blankets out from under them so I can have some.

      Sunshine is a bit different. We had to instigate the rule where *I* get in first then she can hop up. It seems I always take the good spot. If she is really tired, she will curl up against my legs. If she didn't get enough exercise she is right up on the pillow, head resting around mine. On cold nights it is a HUGE bonus to have that little heat source wrapped around my head. On nights when she drools in her sleep not so much. You roll over into a wet spot.

      She usually does not spend all night up there, she goes and lays on the floor, by the window. I ALWAYS get her company in the morning though! Some mornings I'll start to wake and she is partially lying on the bed. Head and chest yes, back feet on the floor. As soon as my eyes flicker, I can hear the tail pounding the bed... "Is it 4:00 yet???" (Feeding time) I have fun some mornings with her. I slooooowly open an eye, the tail starts! I close the eye, it slowly stops... Open it starts again!!! If I fall back asleep and miss the bewitching hour I wake up to a nose one inch from mine. She hops up on the bed, stands over me and waits for me to open my eyes. I have 'pretended' to go back to sleep and she will stand there for more than 30 minutes, just staring at me!!

      This is, however, a huge improvement from when she was younger! She used to put her two front paws on my chest while standing and staring down at me. Which is also a huge improvement from JUMPING on me while trying to lick my face. "It's 4:00... It's 4:00!! It has to be 4:00 cause I am up and hungry!!!!!" The next stage was plopping down on my face/head. Front feet on one side, backs on the other and just lay down.

      It took a long time but we finally instituted a "no touching Woody while he is sleeping" rule. That lead to the inch away from my nose thing. It has been good for a year now and all except for occasional drooling, I can accept. Unless... I sleep past 5:00. If it is after 4 by that much I get "the bulldozer". If I open my eyes, stretch or move at all.. She lowers her head, puts the top of it under my chin and PUSHES!!! The tail thumps the wall, she wriggles and can actually push me over in the bed! She is a svelte 80# but does carry very large branches around all day so has some power behind her! LOL! And hiding under the covers to get away is only an invitation to the "Where's Woody?" game. If that game starts I curl up in a ball, protect my head and yell "OKOK!! I'm getting up!!!"

      She has trained me to where if I wake up, and it is close to 4:00, I get out of bed and feed her. I can always go back for a few Z's, but sleeping late without food is not an option in our home.

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      Nov 2014
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      That gave me good laugh as simalar antics go on ith the mornings if i flinch. Normaly my cat will start pushing on my face.

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      May 2014
      Bend, Oregon
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      Thor is such a snuggler, he loves to get deep under the covers between me and my husband. Luckily he likes to sleep with his back to me so I call him my Little Spoon.
      We're traveling this week for a family funeral and have managed to get king sized beds at La Quintas all week (a very dog friendly chain). We're finally with the family in the rental house and have a queen sized bed and Thor has no idea what to do. Poor pup has no room and looks so sad when we keep kicking him to the floor. Sorry, dude. 80 lb labs with long legs who don't know how to share have no place in a queen sized bed.

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