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      Used to sleep back to back with Lynn - me facing the wall, she with her eyes on the balcony door making sure we had no unwanted visitors.. Mel's a bit more independent, so she prefers the vertical position - her butt turned to me, head facing the balcony. Good thing we have a large bed Just can't imagine sleeping in a labless bed, tried it a few times, not my choice, and it feels really lonely

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      Yes! Both dogs sleep with us They have their beds in our bedroom but at least at the beginning of the night they are in bed with us. He have king size mattress & no bed so they doesn't have to jump up/down too high

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      Quote Originally Posted by Woodrow_Woodchuck View Post
      All my labs have been bed dogs. I'm single and sleep in a 'single' so we have had some issues from time to time. Mostly waking up in the night, on the edge of the bed to find them sleeping with their back against the wall and legs stretched out pushing me off. For some reason I feel guilty waking them up to move and trying to pull all the blankets out from under them so I can have some.

      Sunshine is a bit different. We had to instigate the rule where *I* get in first then she can hop up. It seems I always take the good spot. If she is really tired, she will curl up against my legs. If she didn't get enough exercise she is right up on the pillow, head resting around mine. On cold nights it is a HUGE bonus to have that little heat source wrapped around my head. On nights when she drools in her sleep not so much. You roll over into a wet spot.

      She usually does not spend all night up there, she goes and lays on the floor, by the window. I ALWAYS get her company in the morning though! Some mornings I'll start to wake and she is partially lying on the bed. Head and chest yes, back feet on the floor. As soon as my eyes flicker, I can hear the tail pounding the bed... "Is it 4:00 yet???" (Feeding time) I have fun some mornings with her. I slooooowly open an eye, the tail starts! I close the eye, it slowly stops... Open it starts again!!! If I fall back asleep and miss the bewitching hour I wake up to a nose one inch from mine. She hops up on the bed, stands over me and waits for me to open my eyes. I have 'pretended' to go back to sleep and she will stand there for more than 30 minutes, just staring at me!!

      This is, however, a huge improvement from when she was younger! She used to put her two front paws on my chest while standing and staring down at me. Which is also a huge improvement from JUMPING on me while trying to lick my face. "It's 4:00... It's 4:00!! It has to be 4:00 cause I am up and hungry!!!!!" The next stage was plopping down on my face/head. Front feet on one side, backs on the other and just lay down.

      It took a long time but we finally instituted a "no touching Woody while he is sleeping" rule. That lead to the inch away from my nose thing. It has been good for a year now and all except for occasional drooling, I can accept. Unless... I sleep past 5:00. If it is after 4 by that much I get "the bulldozer". If I open my eyes, stretch or move at all.. She lowers her head, puts the top of it under my chin and PUSHES!!! The tail thumps the wall, she wriggles and can actually push me over in the bed! She is a svelte 80# but does carry very large branches around all day so has some power behind her! LOL! And hiding under the covers to get away is only an invitation to the "Where's Woody?" game. If that game starts I curl up in a ball, protect my head and yell "OKOK!! I'm getting up!!!"

      She has trained me to where if I wake up, and it is close to 4:00, I get out of bed and feed her. I can always go back for a few Z's, but sleeping late without food is not an option in our home.
      Nothing is better than being waken up by a Lab(s)!
      Similar antics go on in my bed, just at 6:00 instead of 4:00am!

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      My favorite is in the middle of the night when they re-position themselves and snug right up to you as you doze back asleep.

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      Oban has switched things up. We didn't allow him up till he was about two and he still only gets up by invitation, which he asks for, and we say yes. But he used to stay for a bit, get hot and get down on the floor. This summer while he was so sick, after he got past the part where he was too weak to get up at all and could jump again, he would get up and stay up. All summer, and he still got hot because I sure felt it. He stayed up all night. It's funny because the Vet said a digestion problem for him was he had a cold gut and should only eat warm foods. This dog who has always seemed to feel the heat badly. So maybe that had something to do with him staying all night. Now he is getting back down on the floor and seeking out cool spots. Relief for me in more ways than one.

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      She sleeps where she wants — she's a mostly lab.
      She wanders from upstairs to downstairs, beds, to couch to armchair, as she feels the inclination.

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      All 3 of ours share the bed reluctantly with each other and us.

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      We drove across the country last week and stayed in La Quinta hotels (dog friendly). Thor made himself right at home.

      I love this chain since they are so dog friendly, and we met many other friendly dogs and owners at those hotels while traveling. However, if I didn't love dogs there is no way I'd stay there!

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      The boys do not sleep with us... We have two twin adjustable beds, side by side. I go to bed early because I have to get up early. The boys are on my partner's bed. When she's ready to go to bed... Sammy gets off and goes to his mat (which is in the corner of our bedroom), and Max gets off and lays on the floor. They never wake me up. Sometimes I wake up before the alarm and some how.... Max knows, comes around to my side, and puts his chin on my arm....

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      Let? Some nights I think it is more Kimber letting me in the bed, lol.

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