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      Nov 2014
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      That is what I used to wake up to.
      I do miss it, but it will be awhile before my next puppy will get to share the bed. Potty training will take priority! !

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      Jollymolly (12-30-2014)

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      Jun 2014
      Vancouver B.C.
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      Maxxie always slept with me until he couldn't get on the bed anymore. I sure miss my old guy. RIP Maxxie

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      Georgie (12-30-2014), Jollymolly (12-30-2014), MikeLynn (01-03-2015)

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      Dec 2014
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      Sailor is super cuddly when it comes to bedtime and these days, he mostly stays on our bed all night long... we downsized to a queen mattress when he was younger (and still sleeping in his crate), but now at 65 lbs and a bed hog... we might have to re-upgrade to a king size. Finnegan still sleeps in his crate until he gets up in the early AM, we let him outside then he runs back upstairs and tries to jump on the bed. There's no way we can have 2 full sized labs on a queen bed! We might have to start sleeping in the spare bedroom... LOL.

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