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      Quote Originally Posted by Abulafia View Post
      Sophie is gorgeous in that photo (How old is she now?). Yes, they look very similar in terms of size and structure.
      Sophie just turned 4. When she hit 78 pounds she was between 9-10 months old. I could still feel her ribs, but I knew she didn't need to be any heavier. I didn't do anything consiously to make her loose weight. She was 75 pounds at 2 years old when Bruce arrived. She was much more active with all the play with him, and as he got bigger, the play got rougher and faster, with a lot more running. She got down to 62 pounds when she was 3, and I felt she was a bit to thin, even though my vet said she was perfect. I started giving her a bit more food, and I keep her between 70 and 75 pounds, which I think is just about right for her based on her overall shape and size. Since she's spayed I take her to the vet an weight her around once per month.

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      Whichever category you post in, she's a beautiful pup.

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      I try to keep a good eye and hand on her (and frequent contact w/ our breeder), as she eats a lot and I know that as soon as she stops growing so rapidly I will need to cut back on it so she doesn't get chubby. Right now she's mainly muscle and thick, thick coat. Some fat, but she's still a puppy. And beyond regular outdoor play—I have an 11 year old border collie (not really: he's a human boy, but with the physical and mental energy of a border collie) and they can tire each other out—she gets fairly regular park romps where she can power up and down hills.

      She'll be getting her flea treatment in a few days, so that's a good time for her to hop on the Vet scale and see where she's at. And I'll try to see how tall she is tonight. How tall is Sophie?

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      Great pictures and OMG what a beauty!!!

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      Oooooo that face. Yea, post her where ever u want, just post pictures.

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