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      Nearly Snuggling!

      Here begins the tale of Hoku and Brutus (our 7 year old orange tabby).

      On Hoku's first day home, Brutus walked up to her. Little baby Hoku wagged her tail. Brutus hit her in the face, and a nail sheath dislodged in her eye. Hoku looked puzzled, my husband yelled "THERE'S SOMETHING WHITE COMING OUT OF HER EYE!" I ran up, saw it was a nail sheath, wiped it away. It had just stuck in the fur by the corner of her eye. But holy hell.

      Hoku was, to be fair, the first dog Brutus had seen.

      So we kept them apart (also, our other dear cat, Ulysses, was very frail and had no interest). About a month or so later, they would occasionally be fine together in the kitchen. Hoku was always sweet let's play let's play come on!, but Brutus would have none of it, being a cat and all.

      One day, they were being sort of friendly, and Hoku chases. Brutus ran. Brutus slammed his face into the baby gate in the kitchen.

      And he knocked out two teeth. Holy hell.

      So we continued to keep them apart. There was no animosity, just two old cats, and a rapidly growing puppy.

      Then, recently, Ulysses died, at about 17 years of age. So we figured that Hoku and Brutus were just going to have to figure stuff out. We've been feeding them together, training them together, and Brutus has occasionally jumped on counters to bring down treats for them to share.

      Tonight, however, this. It's a real step. Not best buds, but they are coming around. (Right now Brutus is in my lap, and Hoku by my feet. We are making progress)


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      I know this feeling well. I just am happy with harmony not best friends but if they can respect and tolerate each.. I always feel like there has been ass progress when they choose to be in the same room kinda close but still far away.

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      So nice to see. Brutus is wanting companionship but will do it only on his cat time table.

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      Congrats! Keep up the good work. I can relate to your issues as well. My girlfriend has a Maltese that is very territorial. Chopper and Jake tolerate each other, but they will never be best buds. They are just too different. They get along great when no one is around, but Jake gets jealous when Chopper comes around me or my girlfriend.

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      Isn't that nice to see? You never know, they might become really good friends.

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      That is progress! My Emma tolerates my dumpster kitty, Barney and adores my older, very mellow Persian, Sebastian. She absolutely hates the feral crew I care for and the neighbors 2 indoor/outdoor kitties. Maxx loves all of them but has a special relationship with Barney. They play like 2 dogs, snuggle and Maxx will even share his crate and food/treats with Barney. (He eats some pretty strange things for a kitty including fruits and veggies!) I love watching them together. Maxx is also very attached to the older kittens in my outside crew and insists on checking on them every day. They were very afraid at first but over time they have decided he is pretty cool and run to greet him if they see him first!

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      I wouldn't mess with a cat named Brutus! Good job Hoku

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