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      Zeke doesn't want to hear it's raining, it's time to play!

      Zeke doesn't want to hear it's raining, it's time to play!

      Zeke is one cool dog, love the way he tosses the ball to me most of the time. At one point he's bringing the ball back and notices the windshield wiper on the Jeep move and he stops dead in his tracks. He then decides to go see who/what is in the Jeep, finds nothing and then back to playing. Every now and then he'll bring the ball most of the way back and then plop down for a minute or two rest. During one of these I decided I was wet enough and said "Let's Go!" It really looks like he shakes his head no, as if to say I want to keep playing. He starts to come to the Jeep and turns like he's ready to chase the ball again. He reluctantly complies and home we go.

      Am I crazy, or dedicated, I’m not sure, but I know Zeke is one cool dog.

      (this video is from my dashcam, best viewed on a large screen and in HD on the youtube setting.)

      music: Tinsley Ellis - Detour

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      That's a good dog daddy! We often played in the rain, that's what raincoats and towels are for! And, the best part, usually there was no one else out to care about us being off leash.

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      Usually it's just the tennis balls getting soggy. Way to make sure Zeke gets his exercise. And yes, he seems to be a bright, happy, engaged, cool dog.

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