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    Thread: Tug and Give

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      May 2014
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      Tug and Give

      One of the best things we learned at puppy kindergarten was how to play tug games. Based on what we learned, Thor is only allowed to pull and tug with specific toys(like the rope toy in the video) and he has to stop whenever he hears a 'give' command. I took this video tonight when my husband was paying tug with Thor. The growling is completely unintended - when my husband would play with thor as a pup he would vocalize a play growling and Thor picked it up - he'll only growl like that when playing.

      Hope the link works - trying it through mobile. And he's got a bit of a skin issue on his cheek - currently treating it with our vet, I think he might be allergic to a local plant.


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      I wish my two boys would stick to tug. All they want to do is play bitey face!!! Non-stop!

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      lol it's not a good game of tug until they growl!

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      Love it. I tried to get Oban to growl. To me it's a sign they are really into the game.

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      Such a good pup!!!! That is a good game of tug!!!

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