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      Presto's first chuck-it & giant puddle

      Genetics are strong! Prestos has never seen the chuck-it, but I brought it out today for Linus. I figured Presto would largely ignore it since he doesn't know what it is and he's a pup so is interested in sniffing and exploring. It's an XL ball, too, and he's still much smaller than the big boys. It took me a long time to get the big dogs into the chuck-it and mostly we only play at the river (they'd much rather swim for a ball than chase it, which is fine because the repetition in swimming is much easier on their bodies than on land). I worked on it - basically trained it and then it grew to something they liked - so that when it's hot or when I don't have a lot of time, I can still get them exercised. Linus will also play with a chuck-it in a big field as long as there is no competition with other dogs.

      I threw the ball and Presto took off after it like he's been doing it for years. It takes a little time to situate his little mouth around the big ball, but I like the XL balls so there's no accidental swallowing or choking. Although, Presto may be fine with a L. I've done a lot of work on retrieve with him, mostly in the house, so that when the time came to play outside he had a good foundation and knew what to do as far as bringing it back and so forth. I only do a few and stop while he's still into it. He's too young to play too much - the repetition is not great on their bodies.

      Presto 6.5 months first chuck it and puddle - YouTube

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      I agree about genetics. Our Chase was never too interested in retrieving. We go to the ocean a lot and we'd throw something out for him, he'd swim out, look at it, and swim back without it. If my sister's dog was there, Charlie would swim out and get the toy while Chase swam out and accompanied him on his journey. The first time we threw something out for Lark, one of those bright orange bumpers, she motored out there like it was her job. She didn't, and still doesn't, return it to hand but she brings it back every time and drops it a little ways off. It will be interesting to see what Henry wants to do this summer. Lark is very skilled at getting through the breakers, we only throw the bumper out if the surf is pretty calm. Henry has to figure out water first, though, but he'll have a capable role model.

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      Great job Presto!

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      He's a natural, good job Presto!

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      Good boy love him running through the water and back without getting distracted

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