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    Thread: cute lab video

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      cute lab video


      This is in Italian, which I don't speak, but you'll get the message

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      That made me sad.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Snowshoe View Post
      That made me sad.
      Yea, me too. Labs are fun, shouldn't be made to feel that bad.

      I think my Lab video is cute, not the one in the OP, here's Zeke:

      frisbeezoomies - YouTube

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      No, no... you guys!!! Hello?!!! That is the amazing thing about canines. Over eons of evolution, these amazing creatures have developed their incredible skills at figuring us out and then totally sucking up to us. These skills/abilities have made canis familiaris one of the most successful species on the planet. Oh my goodness... don't you believe that this dog's behavior has been shaped over a long time with this owner? Of course it has. Probably began with big puppy eyes... then gradually with the on-going "game" of shaming (and associated sounds, facial expressions, words, etc...) the dog has just gotten better and better at it.

      I loved it. We don't know, based upon the video, what the "reward" for this behavior was/is. But there is one, for sure.

      Labs are the best at reading us and sucking up to us. Honest.

      Denver Official Guilty Dog Video www.facebook.com/guiltydog - YouTube

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