We are getting the Photo Contest back up and running. Thanks to Barry for stepping up and offering to look after it each month.

These are the rules that we have come up with so far.

Contest Rules

1. Photo's must be taken by you.
2. You can submit pics of dogs not owned by you as long as YOU took the pic.
3. You can submit up to three pics, but you must specify which pic is entered for judging.
4. There is no limit on how many times per year you can win. However you can only get one prize (collar from 3 Dirty Dawgs) per year.
5. You cannot vote for yourself.
6. Tie's will be identified by the moderator (me) and a second vote on the pictures will select the winner. In the event of a second tie, the moderator (me) will pick the winner.
7. You need a minimum of 50 posts to participate.
8. Winners will pick the theme for the next months contest.

About the Prize

Lori from 3 Dirty Dawgs has been an incredible sponsor of the forum over the years donating prizes to the many contests that we have had. Please support her if you are in the market for a collar or leash. I have several of them and they have held up to the test of time. She would appreciate it.

Winners have to be in the USA or Canada. The high cost of shipping has really hit hard.

If you have multiple dogs and win a couple of times a year and want to have another collar that is fine. We just don't want somebody to grab eight collars for example as Lori is donating all of this.

To claim your prize contact 3dirtydawgz and she will contact you. Have patience she will get in touch with you.