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      August 2014 Photo Contest!

      For August's theme, Jeff has chosen a terrific one that requires some practice and creativity. He is going with "Labs With Things on their Heads" This can be food, treats, toys, objects, other dogs, etc.

      The whole "animals (especially dogs) with things on their heads" is a pretty popular Internet meme. Jeff writes, "I think the Lab Board needs to get on this bandwagon and have a month of Labs with things on their heads. It takes time, patience and a lot of treats to teach a Lab to balance things on their head. Hemi wants to share the treats with all his fellow Lab Board friends and have their humans spend some time maybe refreshing an old trick or learning a new one. It may not work out, but Hemi says it sure is a lot of fun balancing oh so perfectly until the moment your human pulls out the camera, then everything falls to the floor."

      You get the picture, or at least you should, and then post it in the contest!

      Hemi showing his mad skillz with some examples of things on his head:





      As always, we will periodically go through and clean things up to keep the thread streamlined for voting purposes.

      Here are the guidelines we will be following:

      1) You must be a fairly regular poster -- with a minimum of 100 posts -- to enter the contest. If you don't have 100 posts go to the fun forum, etc. It's easy to get 100 posts. Entries from members with less than 100 posts will be deleted.
      2) The picture must be in keeping with the theme.
      3) Only one entry per member - no series of photos.
      4) No altered photos (borders or thought balloons, etc.).
      5) The picture must be one that you took of your dog.
      6) You must vote for someone other than yourself.
      7) You may win only once in a calendar year.
      8) In the event of a tie, the tie breaker will be the first picture posted chronologically.

      Thank you.

      P.S. -- if you have any questions, please feel free to send Calley's Family or Woody a PM.

      The monthly contest winner will choose the next theme and also receive a collar with a heavy duty black plastic buckle from our sponsor

      3 dirty dawgz

      The Contest will be closed for entries on the evening of Monday, August 25th - Good luck to all and thank you to our sponsor!

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      rocking the shades

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      Cooper's large head serving as a pillow for Bert, one of our fosters:

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      Daisy's wiggin' out

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      They see me rollin'
      They hatin'
      Patrolling they tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty
      They tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty...

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      I hope I'm not to late It's still 8/25/14 where I am in the states.

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