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      History of Photo Contest Themes

      Originally posted by Woody:

      History of Photo Contest Themes
      A really big thanks to Barb for keeping this list over the many years that we have been running the labrador retriever photo contest. Another big thanks to smartrock for retrieving (pun intended) it from the Internet Archive.

      Past Photo Contest Themes:

      February -- Labs & Kids
      March -- Wearin' o' the green
      April -- Springtime!
      May -- Cool Lab Tricks
      June -- Sleeping Dawgs
      July -- Labs & water
      August -- Funniest pictures of your Labs
      September -- Airborne Labs
      October -- Noble Labs
      November -- Dirtiest Labs
      December -- Caught in the Act (guilty Labs)

      January -- Labs & their best friends
      February -- Labs as part of the family
      March -- Expressive Lab Faces
      April -- Lab Tummies
      May -- Dressed up Doggies
      June -- Labs at Play
      July -- Dog Days of Summer
      August -- Labby Smiles
      September -- Labs in Black & White
      October -- Fall-outdoorsy/Halloween
      November -- How our Labs makes US laugh (Labs w/human laughing)
      December -- Santa's Little Helper

      January -- Labs in Snow (or water )
      February -- Labs in their element (taking walks/hiking)
      March -- Labs Retrieving
      April -- Labs & Kids
      May -- Labs in May Flowers
      June -- Labs and their Dads
      July -- Labs on V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N
      August -- Cute Captions
      September -- Funny Sleeping Positions
      October -- Halloween theme
      November -- Dogs with their favorite toys
      December -- Muddy/dirty Labs

      January -- Leapin' Labs
      February -- Best Friends
      March -- Kissing Labs
      April -- Spoiled Labs
      May -- Labs in Motion
      June -- Rescued Pets
      July -- Summertime Outdoors
      August -- It Wasn't Me!!
      September -- Senior Labs
      October -- Fall colors
      November -- Traveling Labs
      December -- Happy Holidays

      January -- Labs Gone Wild
      February -- Loveable Labs
      March -- Favorite photo YOU'VE taken
      April -- Pastels/ Spring/ Flowers
      May -- Labs and Water
      June -- Those Labby Tongues
      July -- Vicious dogs AKA Bitey Face
      August -- Funny Photo Captions
      September -- Family Photos
      October -- Sleepy Labs
      November -- Labs Doing Chores
      December -- Regal Labs

      January -- Smiling Labs
      February -- Best Kiss Ever
      March -- Labs w/favorite Toy
      April -- Best Buddies
      May -- Human/Lab Bonds
      June -- At the beach/lake
      July -- Your pup/dog/adoptee's first day home
      August -- Birthday celebrations
      September -- Picture that makes you LOL
      October -- Halloween / Fall
      November -- Looking out
      December -- Show Me the Treats

      January -- Bonding
      February -- Flying Ears
      March -- Butt Tucking / Running
      April -- Tongues
      May -- "I beg of you!"
      June -- Show us your Best Head Tilt
      July -- Canine Family Portrait
      August -- Lazy Days of Summer
      September -- Labs in School
      October -- Mischevious Labs
      November -- What is Your Labrador Thankful For?
      December -- What was your Lab in a previous life?

      January -- Show us your best smooch
      February -- Hug it Out
      March -- Labs and Babies
      April -- Labs in the Rain
      May -- Peek-a-Boo
      June -- Yoga Labs
      July -- Funny Lab Pictures
      August -- Airborne Labs
      September -- "I Am Not Amused"
      October -- "I'm Starving to Death!"
      November -- Pics You Would Normally Delete
      December -- Labs Carrying Large or Funny Objects

      January -- Our Little Helpers
      February -- Love Labrador Style
      March -- Luck of the Labbies
      April -- I Love My Life
      May -- May Flowers
      June -- The Wettest and/or Dirtiest Lab (with or without the owner)
      July -- Best Seat in the House
      August -- Crazy Sleeping Positions
      September -- Hot Dog!
      October -- Busted! Caught in the Act
      November -- Tired With A Toy
      December -- Couch Potato/TV Labs

      January -- Winter Fun Time!
      February -- Be My Valentine
      March -- The Many Silly Faces of a Lab
      April -- Time to get DRY!
      May -- "No, I'm not friends with THAT!"
      June -- Sloppy Wet Kisses
      July -- Sunrise/Sunset
      August -- Olympic Contenders
      September -- Labs Hard at Work, or Hardly Working
      October -- Big Labby Smiles
      November -- "Um, That Doesn't Look Comfortable"
      December -- It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

      January -- Snuggly Labs
      February -- True Love
      March -- Labs On Things
      April -- Is It Spring Yet?
      May -- Labs on Vacation
      June -- Labs Sleeping with Their Toys
      July -- "Did I Do That?"
      August -- Favorite Summertime Activities
      September -- Labs and Fall Colors

      The rest do not seem to be archived at this point, so we will pick it up from here.

      May -- Wet and Wild Labs
      June -- Dirty Labs
      July -- Patriotic Labs
      August -- Labs With Things on their Heads
      September -- Mirror Image
      October -- Labs Where They Aren't Supposed To Be
      November -- Thankfulness
      December -- Waiting for Santa (is hard to do)

      January -- Labs Holding Things
      February -- Dressed up Labs
      March -- Snow Labs
      April -- Be Happy! It's Spring!
      May -- Labs With Unusual Jobs
      June -- Labs Making Faces
      July -- EXTREME SPORTS
      August -- Extreme Close Up
      September -- Labs in the Car
      October -- no contest this month
      November -- Labs in Their Halloween (or other purpose) Costumes
      December -- "I is huuman" (or labs acting human)

      January -- Labs in Action!
      February -- Frame/Wall Worthy
      March -- Labs and Friends (two legged, four legged...)
      April/May -- So Mad You Had to Take a Picture (labs being rascals)
      June -- Labs Being Goofy
      July -- Puppy Cuteness
      August -- Outdoor Adventures with Labs Along
      September -- no contest this month
      October -- Labs Retrieving Weird (or not-so-weird) Things
      November -- Labs in their Element

      December - January -- A tired lab is a well behaved lab (and a happy lab parent)
      February -- Super Seniors!
      March -- Labs and Other Critters
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