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      -photo-24-jpgI was told to use bullfrog sunscreen on the nose, only because he scraped off the top of it trying to bury a bone under a rug. The black is gone and so it's pink and the tissue could get damaged from a burn. It's healing up nicely. Here's a picture of it now...

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      Even if I had a dog that was shaved, I would never put sunscreen on a dog, not ever!If there is a risk of burning then there are other measures that can be done, eg, get the dog out of the sun.Also, dogs lick themselves so would you want any part of the chemical concoctions that form sunscreen being ingested?

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      I had to put sunscreen on a dog with hair loss on the snout, not a Lab. She had a white blaze and scraped hair off her snout. I was told by the vet to to use a dab of baby sunscreen. I was to rub it in and keep her from licking it. She focused on a cookie I held and we played "watch me" obedience attention games while it finished drying. I also used it on the withers area of a dog shaved for surgery. Owners of hairless breeds use it regularly. Some exhibitors of chocolate Labs use sunscreen to help prevent bronzing or those golden highlights: desirable in a Sussex Spaniel but not on a Lab. Ice on Ice by Chris Christensen is a coat conditioner with sunscreen in it and no fragrance; I use it on my Cavaliers for tangle prevention. I have used it as sunscreen on shaved dogs without skin irritations over the years; it is better than a burn on a dog. Some dogs need it on their bellies/groin area if they like to sunbathe on their backs.

      Here is a vetmed link to some info:
      Protect Your Pets From Getting Sunburned
      They mention that there is ONE FDA approved sunscreen for dogs:
      Pet Sunscreen | Dog, Canine & Horse

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      Sophie's mom is a choc lab.. her dad is yellow... I read that the only FDA approved sunscreen for dogs and horses , not cats, is epi-pet sun protector.. for nose and tips of ears.. Sophie's mom

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