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      Maggie squatting alot

      So the last few days Maggie has been squatting a lot when taking her outside. She goes pee and then she keeps squatting to go and of course only dribbles come out. Took her to vet and urine was fine but she was really irritated down there. They put her on Antibiotics and will recheck her on the 3rd when she goes to finish puppy shots. They called it Vagititis? (sp?) Anyone else's puppy had this? She takes two pills a day. But she is eating, sleeping and playing good. And since she has this he wants to wait on spaying until after her first heat. So that takes care of the spaying question I had earlier.

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      If her vulva is very recessed, she will continue having issues until it pops out after her first heat. I have all boys, but I've run into a lot of people with this issue. There is a temporary corrective action that your vet can take. Some people wipe their pups after they pee so that the pooled urine doesn't cause them to lick, and more irritation. I would talk to your vet about preventative actions you can take yourself or together with your vet instead of just pumping her full of antibiotics every time she has an issue, which may be for the next 12 months or so.

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      Puppy vaginitis. Patty (Snowco Labs) is usually our go-to person for questions like these. I believe her thoughts are that antibiotics are generally not needed but I think they're often prescribed. Get some unscented baby wipes and wipe your puppy's vulva and genital area after she goes outside to pee to help clear up the irritation.

      Puppy Vaginitis - Signs, Diagnosis, Treatment

      Juvenile Vaginitis in Female Pups | Dog Care - The Daily Puppy

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      Definitely use the unscented baby wipes and visit Patty's website at snowcolabs.com. She also suggests the use of cranberry caps from fruit concentrate, not juice concentrate. I know she goes to her farm on the weekends so she is "off the grid", lucky her! She will be a great help to you when she returns. Best of luck to you!
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      I PMd the OP to email me pics for now. Unfortunately my blog site is down and I have no control over it. I have notified the administrator and he is working on it. I am calling tomorrow rather than emailing.

      I apologize for this but am on top of it in hopes they find the problem and can correct it.

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