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    Thread: Frost bite

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      Question Frost bite

      Hello everyone!
      here in CT we are getting very ridged temps. 30 minutes is the most time you should be outside, but my lab. Buster likes to be out for up to 2 hours. My concern is frost bite on his feet and ears and nose. Any suggestions?

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      It has been frigid here in NE Ohio as well. My Samson hates the cold. We go out and right back in. His paws freeze and he starts lifting them as we come back in. My young guy Asher, he loves it. He will run around and have a little bit of fun...but he runs back in within 5 minutes. I think his paws start to get too cold and he jets it back in. I'd be very concerned about your pups ears and nose. Others will have better input for sure. If it were me, I'd be pulling my pup back in after 5-10 minutes. I'm one of those over protective moms though. :-) Good luck! You have any pictures to share of Buster??

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      I guess it depends partly on what YOU call frigid. I will also guess though, that you are about as cold as we are right now, -28C (~-20F), and I would simply not let my dog be out for more than about 30 minutes. Especially since I am out with him.

      We do go out and do not use anything for feet. People do use booties for protection against ice and salt maybe there are booties for warmth. I don't know what you could use for ears and nose.

      My childhood dog was an outside dog and we have stray outside cats here. We made warm houses in protected places and stuff them every winter with lots of fresh straw. We have never seen any sign of frost bite. There are heated houses you can get.

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