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    Thread: Rabbit poop

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      Rabbit poop

      I have rabbits in my back yard and they are driving me crazy. Every morning there is fresh rabbit poop that Diggity finds and eats. I try to find it before him and pick it up, but he always manages to find at least one little pile that he gets to before I can pick it up. I have set a rabbit trap so I can relocate the little buggers, but so far I have not caught any. (I know if might be a losing battle because there are probably several rabbits, but I want to try something.)

      I have read contradictory information about how rabbit poop is NOT bad for them and not to worry about it...and also that it IS bad for them (can give them parasites and giardia, etc.) Diggity was tested positive for giardia about a month ago (no symptoms, just a routine check) and I assumed it was from the rabbit poop, but maybe it wasn't.

      Should I be stressed about the rabbit poop? It is so hard trying to stay one step ahead of him. We are still working on "leave it" but it is super challenging with what I am sure he thinks is food out in the yard.

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      Hah...I knew what this was all about even before I opened the thread.

      I think rabbit poop isn't that harmful as long as he doesn't eat "too much". How much is too much? I have no idea. I don't let mine eat it at all. Besides, people have been known to poison rabbits...I'm thinking some of that would wind up in the poop.

      Teach "leave it" and use that to keep him away from piles...and hope he'll remember that even if you're not around. Good luck. Dan is usually good about that but once in a while slips.
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