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      Post Puppy Weight vs Adult Weight

      I am just trying to get a feel for how big Oliver will end up being. He has been gaining 3 pounds a week since about 9 weeks old. He is currently 30 pounds at 16 weeks of age. The vet said if he keeps growing the way he is, he will be around 90 pounds. Eek! His dad is 85 pounds so I know he will be a big boy. Just wondering how close to his dad's weight he will actually be.

      What was the weight of your babies at 4 months old compared to their actual adult weight?
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      Mine all doubled their 16 week weight, give or take 5 lbs., which is a rule of thumb. Sam was 55 lbs (freak of nature puppy) and Linus was 45 lbs. Sam has been as heavy as 110 (not exactly obese, but not lean) but I try to keep him in the upper 90s (he goes on a diet if he hits triple digits) and Linus, though he is just under 18 months, fluctuates between the high 80 and the mid 90s lbs, and I try to keep him closer to 90.

      Sam's dad was 85 lbs and Linus' father was on the smaller side of conformation Labs at 75 lbs. Though parents are a good indicator, it's never been true for my dogs. The double the weight at four months rule of thumb (not claiming it's a hard rule, but it's a good indicator and can be right on for larger dogs) has always been true for me and everyone I know with larger dogs, unless, of course, they allowed them to get fat. Also, these were all well-cared for, healthy, rolly polly puppies, who had gotten off to a great start without illness, parasites, or injuries, etc.
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      Double his weight at 4mos (~17 wks) and you'll be close to adulthood if his weights at 4mos and adulthood are good weights, that is...
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      The doubling of the 4 month weight was pretty accurate for my dog. My female was about 35lbs at 4 months and is 68-70lbs now at 14 months.

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      Doubling was accurate here too. Luna was around 30 pounds and she's 58 or so now.
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      I never knew about the doubling rule of thumb. Well, the more you know...

      Turns out, the doubling rule works for us too! Bobby was around 15 kg at 4 months and at 16 months, he is now around 30-31 kg.
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