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      This sounds like an EMERGENCY HEALTH SITUATION! It sounds like it could be PARVO!

      The poor puppy...I hope she get the help she needs and can make it.

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      I have heard of 7 weeks old and I think I got my 1st chocolate at about 7 weeks with no problems,my new lab puppy i got at 8 weeks ,I have never heard of someone getting a puppy at 6 weeks old ,seems a little young to be away from the litter ,and a lab not finishing its food is very strange,my puppy was at 8 weeks old eating 1/2 cup 3 x's a day,with the dry food ,you should add some water and let it sit in the water for at least 5 minutes before giving it to him because the dry expands when water is added and you don't want that to happen when it is in his stomach , to tighten up the stool my breeder told me to add a scoop of canned pumpkin to his food,the loose stool can be cause by the transition from his litter to his new home,my pup had loose stool with blood in it when we 1st got him,also are you using the same food the breeder used when you picked up the pup?you should,aso I agree bring the pup to the vet asap,there may be additional testing needed on your pup,could be anything

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