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      Jun 2014
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      Non fully vaccinated puppy and exposure to adult dogs

      I am bringing home our almost 8 wk old puppy this weekend to live with our 12 year old dig who is half golden retriever and yellow lab.
      question: our 12 year old dog has not had vaccination other than rabies for many years. Is this an issue?
      Question 2: if we take our 12 year old dog to the park, can he pick up the parvo virus and carry it back home to our puppy?

      thank you,


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      I would not worry about your dog but I would avoid going to areas heavily populated by strange dogs with your adult for awhile. He could carry it. You could carry it on your shoes. A properly vaccinated 10 week old puppy is good to go with vaccinated dogs and puppies in a clean and controlled environment (dog training facility, play dates with other vaccinated pups, secure yard somewhere else, etc.) but I'd wait on the parks and such until the 16 week and fully vaccinated age. Just to be safe. It also depends on the likelihood of parvovirus in your area.

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      i wouldn't worry about your own dog but i wouldn't be going all over and id stay away from the park with the older dog too, until the shots are done.

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      The suggestions above seem reasonable to me and are what I did and now am doing with my adult and the puppy across the street. But I wonder what your breeder and Vet say? Especially your Vet who should know most about the Parvo and other risks where you live.

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      ZRabbits (06-05-2014)

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