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      Jul 2016
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      Puppy seems super small but is otherwise healthy

      I have an almost 9 week old lab that is only weighing in at about 7 lbs. Both parents are pure bread yellow labs and appeared healthy. All other pups were also tiny but healthy. There was a litter of 9 total. could a large litter cause him to be this small and will he catch up in size and grow to be avg sized? Vet sees no concern healthwise when we took him last week.

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      I would say that is very small on average. I've seen larger litters than 9 in which the puppies go home at 8 weeks at more than double that weight. Lots of possible factors here -- maybe the parents are really small or their lines run small, maybe they aren't purebred (Are you just taking the breeder's word for it?), maybe mom wasn't fed enough during gestation or after whelping, maybe the puppies weren't fed enough after weaning, etc. The puppy might end up being average size or smaller than average. At this point, if the vet says he's healthy, I would just focus on enjoying your puppy and accept that he's going to turn out whatever size he ends up.

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      I don't have a ton of experience but I will say my first girl, Piper was small like that. She is my heart but her health hasn't always been the greatest.

      I would recommend getting your puppy on a pre/probiotic right away. I wish I had done that with Piper, I think (just my opinion)she would have absorbed nutrients from her food better and perhaps not had all her issues. I would also make sure she is eating quality food.

      Good luck, would love to see pics of your new family member

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      My smallest (from litter of 12 many years ago) at 8 wks was still over 8#. Most recent litter of 12 earlier this year, smallest was 10.5 or 11# at 8 wks. In general, mine add 2# / wk.
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      Definitely seems small, but I would agree that if the Vet says she's healthy then just enjoy him. We love photos
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      That was totally small! But if there's no issue about they health you don't have to be worry okay Can I have one?

      Just kidding

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      Seems small. My field lab was 7# at 7 weeks. What kind of breeder did you get the pup from? Did you get papers? Whelp date could be off. They could be mixes?

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      My Danny was about 8 1/2 lbs. at 9 weeks....he's the 35 lb. pooch in my picture.
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      What are you feeding and how much?

      Are you feeding him enough?

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      As all other responses: yes, that seems very small (Hoku was 18 lbs at 7.5 weeks, but she comes from a line like that). But yes, if the vet isn't concerned, no need for worry—just make sure you are feeding him well now.
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