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      Sudden pain and leg issue

      Gigi looked like she got stung or got a splinter on the right rear leg. My wife took her to the emergency. the vet did a full range of motion and felt all the muscle and bone and sent us back. she got a anti inflammation meds.
      he told us she looks fine. This is one of the top animal hospitals in boston area. He told us to check with her vet if it returns.

      she is better, we took it easy for a day and she is back to her self. I have this same leg twitch when she lands side ways when she is doing the crazy pony impression and jumping on the furniture.

      anyone have any experience with something similar ?
      All I could find online is being a normal thing with big dog puppies and called growing pains.In 3 months she has put on 30 lbs and she looks tall,thin and muscled - guessing field lab lines and the 1/4 shepherd 1/4 driving to taller ,thinner appearance. She was 53 lbs at 5 months and now is stable at 48 lbs in 6 months. Do I need to change diet ?. she eats puppy proplan , kids left over food if she can grab it before we can and training treats. She does love her carrots and apples.

      I did walk her 2 miles on the day and another 1 mile walk and I usually do two 1 mile walks. Did the added thing causes this . She has done 2 - 3 mile walks before without issues. Easy walks.. she is 6 months. I have taken her off pavement hikes before, she loves those but never limped.

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      I haven't seen exactly what you're talking about. The growing pains, often called panosteitis if that's what you looked up, can cause lameness that seems to shift from one leg to another and the pup can be pretty miserable. I'm not certain what symptoms Gigi was having when you took her in, was she limping? Is she still taking the anti-inflammatory medicine? Sometimes the anti-inflammatories can mask the pain and they feel well enough that they run around even though whatever caused the limp is still there.

      Did the emergency vet recommend any activity restrictions for any period of time? The extra walking probably did not cause the problem if she was walking on a leash. I'd be careful about her jumping on and off furniture or off any height, such as off the deck to the backyard or jumping down from a couple of steps up. Her bones are still growing so her growth plates may be more prone to injury. And if she's landing crooked when she jumps on and off furniture, that could lead to soft tissue injuries. The emergency vet may not have found any indication that anything is broken or that any ligaments are torn but she may still have had a soft tissue injury of some sort.

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      He gave her a shot . She was very sensitive when we try to touch that leg and paw. She also refused to put weight on it .again she was on a leash and I was stacking wood .I thought she maybe stepped on a sharp piece of wood.
      No blood.just she buying her paw and locking her leg.she is fine now.
      Panosteitis is the one I saw online.

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