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    Thread: Water intake

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      Water intake

      Do you let your puppy drink as much water as they like? Do you take it away at a certain time in the evening? Arlo is peeing in the house too much. We take him out after naps, after play and he may potty outside and then 15 min later pee again in the house. I don't remember my other lab having so many accidents
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      My puppies have always had unlimited access to water. Rarely did I have any accidents. I've never had a true water gulper as a puppy, though....perhaps Arlo really does need to be restricted if he's consuming way too much. That's a judgement call. I'd hate to err on the side of unnecessary extreme restriction.

      If you're taking him out as often as stated...which for some puppies seems to be constantly...I'd be thinking urinary tract infection as a possibility. Yes, even in males. You can take a "first a.m." urine sample (caught mid-stream) into the vet for analysis and the vet shouldn't have to examine him.
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      My Asher had many accidents in the house and was a gulper as a baby (9 weeks). One day I was watching him sleep and all of a sudden, he peed. I took a sample the next morning to my vet and sure enough, he had a UTI. Luckily one round of antibiotics cleared it. Now he just gets super excited with Samson occasionally and he will release a little pee. This has reduced greatly too. He's a year this month.

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